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iXBRL A/c and CT Test Services

www.1 2eFile.com provides the following test services for iXBRL Accounts or CT Returns.

This is purely for software houses to test to see if their iXBRL Account tagging and any other related e-filing requirement they have developed will be accepted by HMRC. It is not for the testing of live data because the TPVS server does NOT provide the same level of security as the live server. You must not place any client's confidential data into the TPVS test

To be able to do the test a developer needs to apply to HMRC for a software developer test credential (i.e. a User ID, Password and a dummy UTR No). The message class used for the TPVS test is exactly the same as the one for live e-filing, but the TPVS test server is hosted separately

Test in Live (TIL) refers to e-filing your CT XML file and/or iXBRL Accounts and Computations to the HMRC Live server to see if they will be accepted by HMRC.  It is not for developers to use for testing of dummy developer data. The process involved to e-file your data to the TIL server is exactly the same as the Live e-filing of your return. Once your data is uploaded to the 1 2eFile server we will perform the following before your data can be submitted to HMRC.

1. We will ensure that the mandatory UK Companies House Registration Number (CRN-8 digits) is correctly present in the file. The Corporation Tax Reference number and the CRN must tally up with the CT form and the Computations.

2. We will ensure that the uploaded file is a genuine iXBRL Accounts file.

3. We will ensure that all the tags are opened and closed correctly and that the iXBRL Accounts file is "well-formed".

If any one of these 3 conditions are not met, we will not allow the data to be submitted to HMRC as HMRC will reject it. We try to help to reduce unnecessary traffic to HMRC.

We do not check if the iXBRL file meets HMRC's "Minimum Tagging Requirement", but do want to ensure your iXBRL file content is "XML/iXBRL-conforming" before we allow you to e-file to the HMRC.

If your TIL is successful you will be issued with a certificate in the same way as if it was Live. Inside the TIL certificate it will remind you to e-file your Live data.

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